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I call myself a “therapeutic voice teacher” because I offer singers and speakers the opportunity to deeply explore all aspects of the voice, from the breath to making sound, in a way uncommon in traditional voice lessons. I weave together classic vocal techniques with body and energy-centered modalities, such as the Alexander Technique, yoga-inspired movement and Reiki. As an excellent vocal/body/energy diagnostician with deep knowledge of the vocal mechanism, I am able to quickly get to the root of a vocal problem or help someone grow vocally by addressing long-held physical and psychophysical habits that interfere with free and easy expression.

Sound Advice #22 – Singing in the Second Half of Life

I have quite a few students who come to my Marin studio for singing lessons who are over the age of 65. And, I think the phrase I hear most from them is something to the effect of “I never had to think of this voice when I was younger” or “Singing used to be [...]

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Sound Advice #21 – The Struggle For Vocal Consistency

The past week, two of my students who take voice lessons in my Marin voice studio expressed their yearning for more consistency in their singing. I know this desire well: the ability to have your voice “work” every time you open your mouth, day or night, whatever the range or style. A lovely goal! And [...]

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Sound Advice #20 – Fear in Life, Fear while Performing

Sometimes adults come to my voice lessons with stage fright issues and I share what I have found effective to keep nerves at bay. However, I now understand that stage fright goes deeper than just performance. Anxiety can permeate many aspects of one’s life. It may be such an engrained aspect of our way of [...]

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Sound Advice #19 – Speaking of Which, Speech Lessons are Fascinating!

When I suffered vocal nodules in college, based on stupidly tackling difficult opera on a tense body, I took speech therapy to heal the damage. I remember doing a lot of breath work on the floor and staying silent for two weeks, so the nodules could go away and the cords return to their natural [...]

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Sound Advice #18 – Cultivating Young Singers of Questionable Talent

During a voice lesson with one of my adult students, who is also a dad, I asked whether his daughter is also a singer. She isn’t, he said, and he thought that perhaps it had something to do with the fact that when she was younger, he would tell her not to “howl” when she [...]

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Sound Advice #17 – Casting Children’s Theater

In addition to giving singing lessons for kids and adults in Marin, I also love children’s theater. I’ve been involved in the Ross Valley Schools’ YES program as a music director for more than 10 years, shifting from one school to another with a variety of talented directors and choreographers that make up the “creative teams.” [...]

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Sound Advice #16 – Why a Voice Journal?

A recording device is an essential tool in my Marin singing and voice studio. What better way to review what you did in a session than by listening to it again when you get home? I find that if I don’t record my own voice lessons, I don’t remember all its intricacies. Your teacher may [...]

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Sound Advice #15 – The Concept of “Inhibition” in the Alexander Technique

In my voice lessons for kids and adults, I like to introduce, early on, one of the Alexander Technique’s greatest gifts - the concept of Inhibition. No, it’s not psychology’s use of the word, as in “he was very inhibited.” It has to do with how we react or respond to the world.     [...]

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Sound Advice #14 – The Voice Student Living with Parkinson’s Disease

As a voice and Alexander Technique teacher who teaches singing lessons for kids and adults in Marin County, I have had occasion to work with students affected by Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s, as defined by the Parkinson’s Foundation, “is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that progresses slowly in most people. …A person's brain slowly stops producing a neurotransmitter [...]

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Sound Advice #13 – Integrating the Speaking and Singing Voice – A Personal Journey

Sound Advice #13 – Integrating the Speaking and Singing Voice – A Personal Journey   One of the games I like to play with children when I teach voice lessons for kids in San Francisco and Marin is “the speaking vs. singing” exercise. I ask the group, “What’s the difference between singing and speaking?” I get [...]

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