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I call myself a “therapeutic voice teacher” because I offer singers and speakers the opportunity to deeply explore all aspects of the voice, from the breath to making sound, in a way uncommon in traditional voice lessons. I weave together classic vocal techniques with body and energy-centered modalities, such as the Alexander Technique, yoga-inspired movement and Reiki. As an excellent vocal/body/energy diagnostician with deep knowledge of the vocal mechanism, I am able to quickly get to the root of a vocal problem or help someone grow vocally by addressing long-held physical and psychophysical habits that interfere with free and easy expression.

Sound Advice #4 – Tension & Elasticity

Vivien Mackie, an Alexander Technique teacher who as a young woman studied cello with the great Pablo Casals, quoted him as saying "we are elastic," that elasticity in the body is key to free movement. This applies to the singer too. Good singers and speakers know that "supporting" their voice with their abdominal muscles helps [...]

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Sound Advice #5 – When Should Kids Start Voice Lessons?

When I first started teaching, I abided by the dictum held by many traditional voice teachers that a child should not start voice lessons until their teens, after their vocal folds have developed, usually at around 13 years of age. It is thought that a child cannot truly learn vocal “technique” because of the vocal [...]

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