I graduated from the Alexander Technique teacher training in 2002 and I immediately started sharing the technique with my singing and voice students in my Marin studio. A few years later I was dissatisfied. The technique helps people address inefficient patterns of movement that can lead to pain when sitting, standing, and walking. In singing lessons, we learn to undo these habits and come into better balance with gravity and ourselves. Since our bodies are the vehicles for our singing voice, I incorporate the Alexander work into voice lessons.


However, as an Alexander student, I knew I fell in love with the work because of its somewhat inexpressible essence. And it is this essence that I wanted to more deeply explore. Who could help me do this? I recalled a teacher at my training course, Larry Ball, who taught in a very different way. Through our lessons he taught me how to be in my body without letting the ego rule and allowing movement (sound) and aliveness to flow through me from a nurturing Universe.


He has just completed an essay that I would like to share with you. Enjoy!

We all have people whose work greatly inspires us. If you come by for singing lessons for kids and adults, you will notice Larry’s influence on my own teaching. In our fractured world, “wholeness” is of the essence.